The easiest way to prepare all your schedules!
Features and Options:
  • Save, edit, and print Letters of Assurance
  • Input repetitious fields only once
  • Cross out all items in the Schedule B (B-2) that are not applicable
  • Initial disciplines and crossed out items in the Schedule B (B-1 and B-2)
  • Generate today's date automatically
  • Save typical inputs and settings as defaults
Letters of Assurance:
  • British Columbia Building Code 2024
    • Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C-A, and Schedule C-B
  • British Columbia Building Code 2018
    • Schedule A, Schedule B, Schedule C-A, and Schedule C-B
  • British Columbia Building Code 2012 (including 2014, 2017 and 2018 revisions)
    • Schedules: A, B, C-A, and C-B
  • British Columbia Building Code 2006 (updated 2010)
    • Schedules: A, B, C-A, and C-B
  • Vancouver Building Bylaw 2007, 2014, and 2019
    • Schedules: A, B-1, B-2, C-A, C-B, D-1, and D-2
  • Alberta Building Code 2006
    • Schedule A-1/A-2, Schedule B-1/B-2, Schedule C-1, and Schedule C-2
    • Model Schedule S-B, S-C
  • EGBC
    • Independent Review Form

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I access the saved information without the ScheduleFiller site?
Yes. The information is saved in a .loa file which can be read by any text editor such as Notepad
How does ScheduleFiller create the individual schedule forms?
ScheduleFiller does not create or modify the Letter of Assurance forms. ScheduleFiller uses jpg images of the pdf files found on the BCBC, VBBL, and EGBC websites.
Can ScheduleFiller cross out and initial items on the Schedule B forms?
Yes. Disciplines on the B-1 and B-2 can be initialed. Items on the Schedule B can be crossed out and initialed. However, any of these features can be disabled allowing the Professional to initial the items by hand if that is preferred.
Do I have to input the project information separately for each schedule?
No. Common project information is input only once and is applied to each schedule when they are printed.
Do I have to input the company information every time?
No. Company information and any other setting or format can be saved as the default value or setting. This is done by selecting Save as Default from the Format menu.
Can I save the letters of assurance on the web so I can access them from any computer?
No, you currently cannot save the project specific information on our servers. ScheduleFiller does not store or or log any of the project specific information.
Can ScheduleFiller prepare the additional schedules required by some municipalities?
Currently additional schedules are not available. However, please contact us if you use other schedules on a frequent basis.